Welcome to a world where you don’t need a fancy kitchen for outstanding and sometimes just normal dishes, where you don’t need to reserve any table for a sparkling candlelight dinner and where you’ll experience everything but hectic during meal preparation.

About us

Hello dear friends, adventure seekers and food lovers! We‘re two mountain kids from South Tyrol that met four years ago and found each other through our shared love of mother nature and good food (and perhaps also some more things). Since then, we began spending more and more time in remote places seeking new adventures. And as you can assume being on a 3,000m peak or backpacking around a small island in the Atlantic where you barely spy a human face brings its difficulties when the tummy starts growling. So that’s how it all begun. Inventing new colourful recipes and making old family recipes adaptable for the wildlife became our passion.

Our journey

What an adventure! Some time ago we became aware that we’re not the only outdoor freaks out there looking for a window of freedom and peace in this bustling world. We felt ourselves arrived in the backpacker and vanlife community. Last year, on a lonely beach on the Croatian coast with a quinoa bowl in our hands, we had finally the wonderful idea to share our passion for outdoor cooking with more than just the forest dwellers. From that moment on, we’ve put our heart and soul in experimenting, testing and refining new recipes that are perfect for the wild kitchen. And while doing so, we lived some unforgettable adventures on the side. Now we’ve reached the first peak of our hike and our backpacks are already full of colourful vegetarian and vegan recipes. After a successful crowdfunding campaign in June 2020 that made us beam with happiness, it was certain that we can go to print and make this outdoor companion accessible to all like-minded people. This thanks to the incredible support of 100 wonderful souls from 13 different countries.