The name of the book

‘Experience nature and good food’, because that’s what we live every day and what we felt when trying to give our passion a name. It’s all about the experience, that is what makes it so authentic and different! The outdoor kitchen, does not only appeal to the sense of taste but also you hear the waves breaking in the wild ocean, the woodpecker hammer in the shadowy woods, see the milky way sparkling above your head, lightening your way, smell the delicate fragrance of freshly picked herbs crushed in your fingers and all of it while a great meal is cooking on the crackling campfire, which is warming your skin.

About the book

An outdoor cookbook that doesn’t only arouse the appetite for travel! As we are neither chefs nor authors ‘Experience Nature and Good Food’ isn’t a classical cookbook. But a cookbook that is thought to fit into every backpack and shelf of every van. A cookbook with over 50 colourful recipes to jazz up every hiking and camping trip. A cookbook that invites you to explore deeper your own sense of taste. A cookbook that encourages to encounter serenity in harmony with mother nature. Simply – an outdoor companion.

Whether you’re a backpacker, vanlifer or hiker, there’s something for everyone, from uncomplicated and fresh one-pot meals to more fancy recipes for a romantic candlelight dinner at the campsite. Also, the cookbook gives you a guideline of how to build the perfect campfire and explains the essential spices, which we always carry along. We also like to call them our treasuries, cause often it is the spices that bring other ingredients to live. And yes, sometimes it will also happen that you need to go foraging in the woods before you can turn on the gas stove.


It was clear for us that if we were to make a printed book, it had to be sustainable. The own ecological footprint is an essential topic that cannot and should not be ignored, especially for us nature kids. That’ s why it was a decision of our hearts to print the book on recycled paper. And we are especially proud that we are able to plant over 70 trees in relation to our crowdfuding project in our hometown South Tyrol. That way we can compensate for the CO2 emissions and give something back to our beautiful planet.